I read a lot of romance books. I write a lot of romance books.

Essentially romance books are my thing. This year I’ve got some big plans as a romance writer. Plans that I wouldn’t believe just a year ago! 2019 was the year of my debut novel and I was clueless in a lot of ways, but somehow I published five more novels that year and wrote even more that are slotted for release in 2020. All I have to say is that 2020 is going to be an amazing year, but it’s hard to find a balance when it just feels like a continual grind. An enjoyable grind, but a grind nonetheless. I want to make sure I make time to enjoy the beautiful content other talented writers are putting out there. It’s important not to lose focus on the things that matter.

And that brings me to my plan for A Year of Books!

You might be thinking “what’s a year of books?”, which is fair because it could mean a lot of things. I’m choosing to read a new book each and every month and share my thoughts in a blog post. I’ve already been doing the reviews on a nearly monthly basis but A Year of Books is an opportunity for y’all to read along with me. And what’s more fun than a read-along?


To join My Year of Books, all you have to do is take your romance book reading self on over to my Facebook fan group, Rebel’s Rebels, and join. I’ll have a post up for each month, and then on the 15th we can all share our thoughts, so think of it as an online book club where we just screech, and I’m talking screech like a pterodactyl, about romance books. It’s going to be fun!

All we need is you to make it even better, and I’ve already picked out the first three books of the year so you can make you’re ready to go with our first book on January 15th. Though I have the first 3 books picked for this monthly read along I’m open to rec’s from group members and am excited to add some new books to my TBR list.

***It’s worth mentioning that my Year of Books will primarily focus on BIPOC and LGBTQ authors with Own Voices acting as my northern star for this reading journey. We’ll read everything from contemporary to historical, and back again. Yes, that includes BDSM!

Join Rebel’s Rebels to get started with A Year of Books.