Y’all. OKAY.

Where to begin with this book? This book pulled me apart and then put me back together again, only to drop my ass and break me before making me beg for more. I mean that in all the best ways.

Tasha L. Harrison has written an achingly beautiful and utterly lush small-town romance that was sweet and familiar in the kind of way that had me smiling long after I was forced to stop my binge read. You better believe I powered through this book like it was my damn job. I haven’t been this excited by a book in a very long while, so let’s dive into this bad boy shall we?

A Taste of Her Own Medicine is an older woman/younger man steamy as hell romance with two major players in a cast of richly developed characters: Sonja “Soni” Watts is a 40-year-old recently divorced mother of two teens. She’s a woman on the upward move after her husband filed for divorce and changed the comfortable world Sonja had grown accustomed to. Sonja has it on her mind to open an apothecary of sorts, the skill of herbalism and Gullah culture running deep in her veins from her family. Naturally, Soni wants to share this with the world but is scared of what that means. I get it. Change is scary, it’s almost debilitating when also navigating life after a divorce.

SIDE NOTE: I should know, because I, like Sonja have a divorce under my belt. The world was a fragile place then, everything feeling like it wasn’t quite real, me feeling like I didn’t know who I was or what the rules of society were after withstanding what felt like an atomic bomb detonation. I cannot sing the praises of Tasha for NAILING this in her writing. The insecurities and questions that made Sonja doubt herself read true and this book is a stunning look at what it’s like post-divorce for a woman with so much to give left in her.

Sonja takes her cute self to the Entrepreneur Academy for a six-week business class and that is where we meet the most delicious hero I ever set my figurative eyes on Atlas James. *inserts fanning self* This beautiful man is the stuff dreams are made of. From the start, he’s captivated by Sonja and makes no bones about it. She’s the only woman he sees when she walks into a room, hers is the only smile worth taking to heart, her dreams the only ones he’s tryna make happen. Understandably, Sonja is taken aback by Atlas’s interest. He’s 10 years younger than her and has shoulders in step with his namesake. The boy is thicc and thriving, okay? But never in all of that does Atlas waver in his feelings or attitude towards her. He pursues her in a genuine and natural way that just flows between the two of them. No pressure, no bullshit, no bait and switch.

Atlas James is a man that knows what he’s about and it’s Soni. I have to say that was so beautiful to watch unfold on the page. The steadfast desire from Atlas hit right with the journey Soni was on in finding herself and her way to a life she wanted for herself and her children. Through conflicts with family, friends, and business decisions, Soni became more herself with each and every interaction she had with Atlas, the most patient and sexually giving hero that was ever written for anyone’s pleasure ever.

There are plenty of erotic and creative scenes involving such places as a Subaru (I need one of those cars), a greenhouse, a lounge chair in a garden that is forever in my heart of hearts, but all of that was given heart by the small-town world Tasha L. Harrison crafted around Soni and Atlas. I’m talking serious world-building, I could see the streets and felt like I knew the people and understood their reasons and personalities. This was my first book by Harrison, but you best believe she’s a one-click all day, every day, for me now.

Look, do yourself a favor. Buy this book and devour it like I did. You’ll be so glad you did. I pinky swear it.

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