Hey! I’m Rebel Carter.

Romance is my way of creating a world that reflects the people and various relationship dynamics that exist around me. I hope that my writing offers a space where love of all shades and expressions are seen as valid, real and embraced. Each love story I write carries a piece of me in its pages and I’m proud to share a part of my heart with each and every page you turn.

When I’m not writing romance, I’m probably working my day job as a pretty damn good barista, or obsessing over my ever-growing plant collection. I have a geriatric dog that I coddle and enable to live her best forever puppy life. I currently live in Colorado where every day proves to be a new adventure.

From Kink to Achingly Sweet.

As a romance writer, I love getting to craft stories encompassing a variety of genres and tropes. I adore getting to live in each and every world that I write and I have a massive love of historical romance, as well as contemporary. I’ve been known to dabble with paranormal and have a particular affinity and interest in BDSM and kink communities.

I hope my books offer a little slice of the perfect romance catnip for a wide community of romance lovers!



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"If you have a dream don't let anybody take it away."

– Selena Quintanilla