Gold Sky historical Series

The Cairn Series: Kinky Contemporary (DDlg)

CW: Ex-mafia ties, Daddy kink, praise kink, spanking

Honey, Honey is for fans of Midnight Poppy Land and anyone that goes weak for a gruff hero going sweet over their heroine of choice. CWL: Daddy Dom kink, spanking, dirty talk, restraints, impact play, and a creepy lurking ex. 

CW: Daddy Dom kink, light CNC, impact play, light bondage, on-page violence, creepy ex stalker behavior, generally crappy family dynamics, Mafia, and cliffhanger ending.

Oak Fast Fated Mates Series

The New Girl Series: Older Woman YOunger Man romance

Once Bitten: The Golden Duet

Sugar and Spice: An Enemies-To-Lovers Christmas Novella

Highlands Holiday Series