New Girl In the city –Book 2


New job, New city…New man? 

To the world at large Melinda Pérez is at the top of her game. She’s just earned a promotion to her dream job, in her dream city. Melinda should be living her best life in NYC, and she is. At least according to her social media.  

The Diamond Dating League is the newest and most exclusive dating app on the market—because curing loneliness is just one swipe away. It might be the answer to her prayers– if it weren’t for her driver. Her hot and obnoxious driver who she just can’t seem to get out of her head.  

Even under the best circumstances, you aren’t supposed to daydream about your driver. Even more so when he’s eight years younger than you. 

Liam Conlon is infuriating and makes it clear he thinks Melinda is a spoiled princess. Never being one to disappoint, she is only too happy to step into the role. But for all the ways they clash there is no denying the tension and attraction building between the two.

 But can they find the courage to step out of their roles and find something real with each other?  


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only one bed
Romancing the tropes anthology vol. 1

New life, New Me…

Ximena is a wolf, er, new woman without a pack. Emphasis on the new, because she’s also a wolf shifter who isn’t much of a wolf anymore. Not after the Fey Queen took her ability to shift along with the rest of her pack.

They had it coming. Definitely, no doubt about that. As far as packs went, the Bloodstone Pack was one hell bent on doing harm and taking more than they were owed. They had ruined Ximena’s life since day one. Since the day they had taken her from her family, since they had made her one of them, since the day they took away her future.

But now, things are different. Being a newly made human isn’t all bad. There’s good to it, even without her wolf. Ximena can be free, she can have her way in the world…she just has to learn how to be human first. And that’s where her teacher, ah, self-appointed guardian comes into play.

Blue, the Fey Guard who found her on that fateful night the Fey Queen struck. He spirited her away then, to a home only they could see, a safe place where she could learn how to be human. She should be happy, ecstatic even, with her freedom finally within her grasp, except for one thing.

Blue is her fated mate, and to claim her freedom Ximena will have to find the strength to let him go. It should be easy to do, really, seeing as she’s sure the fairy plans to set her loose once she’s learned enough to pass as human.

Then why is it so hard to imagine a tomorrow without Blue? How is it that Blue seems focused on winning her over more than ever if he means to leave?

Find out both in the third book of the Oak Fast Fated Mates Series! This a whimsical, fairy-laden, and sigh-worthy PNR shifter romance set in a small town with plenty of found family vibes, smart-mouthed heroines, magical realism, and cinnamon roll heroes.


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