sugar and spice: Enemies-to-lovers Christmas novella 


Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice…

Daisy Ortiz is certain of three things:

1) She hates Christmas.

2) She hates rival bakery owner Austin Finnigan.

3) She hates living in her small town.

Daisy hates Christmas. Her mom left during the season when she was a child and everywhere she looks is a reminder of being abandoned. She hates Austin Finnigan, and her rivalry with his bakery heats up big time as soon as the first Christmas tree goes up. And as much as she loves the people of Clarity, and running her own bakery, she isn’t fond of her small town either. So how the hell did she end up going into her least favorite season, pretending to be married to her least favorite person, in her least favorite place?

Daisy’s assistant got drunk one night, called a reality show and told some really big lies.

Now the reality show is in Clarity for the holidays and looking to showcase Daisy and Austin’s non-existent happy marriage and thriving business partnership… and offering a hundred grand payout to do so.

All-in-all it’s a lot of motivation for rival bakery owners to keep the peace during a very Clarity Christmas. Fake or not, a marriage to Austin Finnigan was never the way Daisy envisioned her holidays playing out, but for that much cash? She’s willing to play along. What she can’t figure out is why Austin’s more than willing to help her pull this off when all they’ve ever done is war.

Daisy’s fine to pretend, but what she never counted on was Austin’s touch turning the hate she thought she had for the man into something much, much, hotter. But she’s fast realizing the line between love and hate is not only thinner than a Pizzelle cookie, but it’s also one-sided.

Sugar and Spice is a rivals-to-lovers novella full of small-town charm, fast wit banter, mouth-watering baked goods, and of course, red hot sex in a cabin. Come to Clarity, Alaska where it might be Christmas, but it sure as hell ain’t cold.

*Sugar and Spice was previously released in Enemies-To-Lovers Anthology Vol. 1, and this is an expanded and holiday slanted version I can’t wait to share!


Available on Kindle Unlimited and Amazon 

New Girl In The City: Older Woman Younger Man Romance (The New Girl Series Book 2)

To the world at large I’m at the top of my game. I’ve just earned a promotion to my dream job, in my dream city. I would be living my best life in NYC, and I am. At least, according to my social media.

The Diamond Dating League is the newest and most exclusive dating app on the market–because curing loneliness is just one swipe away. It might be the answer to my prayers–if it weren’t for my driver. My hot and obnoxious driver who I can’t seem to get out of my head.

Even under the best circumstances, you’re not supposed to daydream about your driver. Even more so when he’s eight years younger than you.

Liam Conlon is infuriating and makes it clear he thinks I’m a spoiled princess. Never one to disappoint, I’m only too happy to step into the role. But for all the ways we clash there is no denying the tension and attraction building between us.

Can we find the courage to step out of our roles and find something real with each other?

“Rebel Carter writes with wit, elegance and longing. Her love stories exist in a world of their own, and it’s one I never want to leave.” -Talia Hibbert, author of Get A Life, Chloe Brown.

Rebel Carter is an exciting new voice in romance with diverse, multicultural characters and plots that readers yearn for. Fans of Kristen Ashley, Talia Hibbert, and Beverly Jenkins will find much to love in Rebel’s strong willed heroines and the swoon-worthy men who love them


Available on Kindle Unlimited and Amazon for paperback