Do all the romance books you pick up lose your attention? Storylines just kind of seem tired and just kind of meh? All avid romance readers know this feeling.

You know what this feeling is? A reading slump.

Well, how about a book that’s guaranteed to smash that reading slump into a million little tiny pieces and leave you giddy? Allow me to introduce Rebekah Weatherspoon’s Xeni!

This book has it all, okay?


We are talking about a massive mountain of a Scotsman with a heart of gold and fluffy bunny slippers with a habit of giving amazing oral and playing the bagpipes. 

After her music legend aunt dies, Xeni Everly-Wilkins finds herself in a small town in Upstate New York. Xeni is a teacher from LA and out of her depth in the small-town world her aunt left behind, or at least she is until she claps eyes on Mason McInroy.  The pair are instantly drawn to each other, and due to her aunt’s creative last will and testament are on the receiving end of a marriage of convenience that promises the couple a massive cash payday.

But on the condition that they marry, and stay that way for a whole 30 days. And what a 30 days it is! I’m pretty sure I was left panting and pulling my own hair by half of the scenes Xeni and Mason shared, because day-ummmm. I can’t scream loudly enough about two MC’s that communicate, bring out the best in the other, and are just so CUTE. SO DAMN CUTE and in the healthiest of ways.

This book is full of amazing and lovely surprises such as two openly and unashamed bi-sexual characters, a witchy lady lead, a non-toxic man wholly comfortable letting his love interest flip the script in bed.

Mix in a family feud, drama to the nines in the form of mother-daughter moments/what it means to have this relationship, life-changing secrets and the biggest no shame zone I’ve ever enjoyed in a romance book, and you have the measure of this book.

Xeni is a goddamn delight. Read it now.

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This book is #2 in the Loose Ends series, but can be read as a stand-alone!