Okay, first things first, can we just sit and enjoy this joyful sweet cover? Seriously, just looking at this couple makes my heart so happy, because hell yea for love.

Lucy Eden’s novelette An Angel for Daddy had me one-clicking faster than I could blink because do not threaten me with Daddy in a title and think I won’t jump.

And lemme tell you what, the Daddy in this story did not disappoint. Spencer Jones is a single father, a widower who lost his wife, Sarai to cancer. Together the couple made Nina, an absolute bundle of love and excitement that had me giggling throughout this book.

Ruby Hayes is a hardworking teacher who loves her job, her father, and is focused on getting her life back on track. I totally related to Ruby’s willingness to give everything to take care of her aging father who is recovering from a stroke while giving her all to her students. She’s a totally loveable and her character read as authentic and true.

This woman was not looking for love but who can deny Spencer + Nina Jones?

No one. That’s who.

Spencer and Ruby’s story is full of ups and downs, with a little bit of high drama that reminded me of the old soaps I adored watching as a kid, which was perfect because I loved it then, and I goddamn loved it now.

I normally don’t like contemporary references to songs or pop culture in my books for the reason that it doesn’t hold up years later, but here it worked well and I felt like it grounded me in Spencer and Ruby’s world in a way that made it feel truly real. It was like I knew these people and I was laughing along with them and rooting for their beautiful love story that was just steamy enough to make me blush.

FYI: Their first kiss will make you sigh and vow to finish the book in one sitting.

This novelette delivers a HEA that satisfies and makes me so happy and excited for what I hope is the next in the series because there are some truly wonderful secondary characters that shine.


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